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Claire12 10-13-2013 05:27 PM

My name is Claire and I recently discovered Damien's music. I'm probably older than most of you and grew up listening to bands like CSN and Simon and Garfunkel. As the current state of popular music is pretty dim, I haven't explored anything new in awhile. I am a moderator on a movie forum and someone posted 'The Blower's Daughter' on a music thread. It blew me away. I checked out all of his music on You tube and bought 0 and 9. Damien's music has an emotion and honesty that speaks to me and his talent is incredible. Anyway, glad to find this forum.

Joyful 10-14-2013 01:18 AM

:wave:Welcome Claire! This group is pretty diverse in terms of age, no worries.

verenita 10-14-2013 07:48 PM

very welcome, claire! i´m realy glad you came across damien´s music. it has been 10 years since i did and even after that and many years without a new record, the little man still gives me the chills. that says a lot about him as an artist, doesn´t it?

enjoy the igloo :hello:

Claire12 10-14-2013 10:25 PM

Thanks for the welcomes. I'm glad to be here.

cille 10-15-2013 02:12 PM


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