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Daniel 03-17-2009 05:38 PM

Vyvienne Tour in April

The Vyvienne Long Sextet with support from Max Greenwood*

Sat 18 Apr Crane Lane Theatre, Cork
Thu 23 Apr St. Nicholas' Church, Galway
Sat 25 Apr The Village, Dublin

* Max Greenwood was the piano player with Tom Baxter during Feather & Stone era, 2004. Has since moved to Dublin.

Nice :smiley32:

verenita 03-17-2009 11:31 PM

cheers! :)

Roberta 03-18-2009 11:35 AM

great, I wish I could go! :hello2:
Do you think there will be new songs?

Lin@ 03-23-2009 01:19 PM

Is this an album release tour by any chance?

mariaoran 03-24-2009 01:49 AM

Vyv's song 'Happy thoughts' has been released on itunes!!!!

Here's the link to her official website where the news was posted and where you can find a link to itunes.

RonjaGirl 04-26-2009 04:17 PM

Vyv's gig in St. Nicolas Church in Galway - Review
So, I finally found the time to write a short review of Vyv’s gig in St. Nicolas Church in Galway…
A friend and I spontaneously decided to go to Vyv’s gig. Thanks to the rainy weather that evening and the Vyv’s great tour manager/ 6th band member we were aloud to get in early, so we could choose the best seats. There wasn’t much advertisement for the gig, if at all, so not many people showed up.
Max Greenwood, Vyv’s piano player, opened for Vyvienne with some songs from his album ‘In The Blood’ and a few new ones. He played for about 30min.
After that the light was turned off and the whole band came on stage wearing crazy colourful blinking glasses. The first song they played was ‘Freak Scene’.
After that they turned the lights and the beautiful stage decoration back on …
I don’t remember the exact order of the songs, but I think these where the songs she played…

Set List

Freak Scene
Random Man
Late Always
The Inheritance
Bad Move
Never Leave You
I Don’t Wanna Dance (Eddy Grand Cover)
Being A Good Friend
Happy Thoughts

Yoshimi (Flaming Lips Cover)
They’re not waving

‘Never Leave You’ was a bit different from her previous performances….They played the music from a tape, while Vyv was singing and throwing in some crazy moves. She also added a new vers to the song…don’t remember how it goes though.
She also did a great cover of Eddy Grand’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’.

I think the last song she did was ‘Happy Thoughts’ with audience participation.

For the encore she did ‘Yosimi’ and ‘They’re not waving’
We talked to a few of the band members after the concert including a short chat with Vyv. All her band members are really nice! No news on when the album will come out…
It was a great concert!

PS: Here you can see all the pics I took.

RonjaGirl 04-26-2009 04:25 PM

And here are some pics someone took of Vyv's gig in Dublin.

verenita 04-26-2009 06:03 PM

nice pictures and great review, becci!
im glad you decided to go and you had a great time!

borneoman 04-28-2009 07:09 PM

thanks for the review Becci!!!!!!!

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