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eva_arg 02-11-2019 11:11 PM

Damien Rice Recital Centre Melbourne 10th Feb 2019 (evening show)
thanks to taper freddie007!


Damien Rice Recital Centre Melbourne Australia 10th Feb 2019
Recorded by Mixmaster from the Wings
Source: Nokia Lumia 930 (called Lumia Icon in North America) w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV
Encoding: Cool Edit Pro > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC
01-Grey Room (unamped)
04-The rat within the grain
05-9 Crimes
06-It takes a lot to know a man
08-Cheers Darlin'
09-Accidental Babies
11-The Box
12-I Remember
13-Blowers Daughter (unamped)
14- Stoic
15-Intro to engineers song
16-Engineers Song
17-Cross-Eyed bear
18-Trusty and True

A fantastic show with great rarities, came out really well, what you hear is what I taped no EQ, all that has been done is increase the volume on the unplugged tracks so they are similar volume to the others

eva_arg 02-12-2019 10:31 AM

I put it on mega for those who can access dime!QMkhgAYL!poLWfxx6b...C75kmFUhtMNJeg

eva_arg 04-17-2019 10:24 AM

alternate source, thank to roman79:

Matinee show:

Evening show:

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