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cookienator 08-04-2015 04:23 AM

Austin tickets
I have 1 ticket to the Austin show. O1 row M seat 138. Let me know if you're interested!

7jeny3 08-13-2015 11:48 PM

I also have an extra ticket... balcony b1 row L seat 103-106 (one of those). Lots of extra tickets are on Craigslist, so I'll take a low offer from non-fragranced/smoking people, since you'll be seated next to me. I hate to see a ticket go to waste when there are people out there who would love to go but can't afford it. I also have 4 Houston tickets for sale for tomorrow night, if anyone in Austin would like to buy them. I just can't make the drive tomorrow. 512-553-5369

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