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meh 11-03-2014 06:21 PM

Previously of forum!
I used to be a member of the forum (does anyone even remember it??!) before it was closed down. I had registered here as it was far more informative and reliable! :)

I first heard of Damien in '04 and have loved his music since. I thought to hop over here and check if anybody had any inkling if he will have any more gigs in the UK?

I have longed to see a full show but Damien is so flipping elusive!! Luckily, I did get the chance to catch him at T in The Park in '07. I had to be brave as my friends were desperate to watch Snow Patrol and I hesitated not wanting to be alone but mentally put my foot down and scuttled off to see Damo. I was scared and happy, peering at Damo only through the gap made by the necks of two tall people (giraffes in men-costumes).

I'm always slow to find out about new gigs or small festivals that he's playing or I live too far away for last minute gigs.. so, does anyone think he might come back or am I going to have to start travelling aimlessly in hope of a 'Tonight!' gig poster swirling in the wind and slapping onto my face with hopeful urgency like the hug of a long lost friend..?

Ever hopeful, meh :)

verenita 11-06-2014 06:46 PM

very welcome! :hello:

Wheels 11-20-2014 11:32 AM


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