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Recorded with iPhone:

Not that Clockenflap last year was bad, but this was infinitely better <3. It is to be expected since Clockenflap was a festival and this was a full concert, but it's just also only my second time seeing him live.

During the show a lot of things broke, and he had to improvise a little, which made things slight more relaxed/intimate, considering it was a 3000 people venue.

There were a lot of laughing, from the audience and Damien, perhaps too much laughing during Cheers Darlin'.. but at least everyone had fun. Trusty and true quickly became one of my favourites.

He did 3 encores after Cheers Darlin' saying it's a really bad idea to play when you're drunk and requested them to not be recorded hehe. He invited everyone to stand and to the front of the stage so there should be tons of videos on Youtube for these. There was this beautiful moment when all the women started singing Lisa's part in the blower's daughter unprompted... <3

Damien invited audiences on stage to sing Cold Water and Volcano, while Volcano was requested by a woman who missed the chance to volunteer for Cold Water. There ended up being too many volunteers and 2 people sang Cold Water with Damien and 3 sang Volcano with Damien. He then also invited a volunteer to drink with him on stage for Cheers Darlin', but about 6+ people rushed to the stage.. he had to turn people away, but in the end 3 chairs were pulled out for 2 audience members and him, and he changed the Cheers Darlin' story accordingly (to with two lesbians haha).. I wonder if this happens in other shows? I don't believe I've ever seen a clip where there were more than 2 audience members at one time on stage...

After the show Damien sang Amie and I Don't Want To Change You outside the hall entrance, which I didn't get out early enough to see. (Video:

All in all it was fantastic, I'd like to think that Damien did also have a good time judging by all the jokes and laughs... Hopefully the crew had time to see/eat Taipei so they'll come back!

(Fun fact, a newspaper actually photographed some American guy (staff perhaps?) at the airport thinking it's Damien and published the story, though it was quickly removed. )

1. Cannonball (acoustic)
2. The professor & la fille danse
3. 9 crimes
4. Colour me in
5. Cross-eyed bear (by request)
* Trusty and true story
6. Trusty and true (harmonium)
7. Older chests
8. I remember
9. Accidental babies
10. Cold water (with 2 audience members)
11. Volcano (with 3 audience members)
12. Delicate
13. It takes a lot to know a man (part acoustic due to technical difficulties)
14. Grey room
* "We should finish early so you all can go to bed early"
15. Eskimo
* Cheers darlin' story
16. Cheers darlin' (with 2 audience members)

1. Rootless tree
3. The blower's daughter

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