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All, thanks for sharing your experiences from Iceland. My wife and I attended the first session on the first day. I have been trying to get registered here so I could chime in .
Maybe Damien has done sessions this small and intimate before, but I felt is was a once in a lifetime experience, at least for those of us in Calif. I still remember hearing his music, for the first time, particularly Blower's Daughter, when we were watching the movie "Closer", a few years ago. I never thought it would lead us to Iceland. Nevertheless it was a pleasure meeting some of the folks who post here, and in spite of Damien disapproving of the carbon footprint we left from traveling from California(which was clearly his way of joking, all in good fun), it will certainly rank up there as one of the most amazing experiences, for me, ever.
Pleasure to meet all of you!
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