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This is such good news! I'm so happy for her to finally be free!!

Originally Posted by Amie R. View Post
She was finally released today!! Now let's hope they will let her to travel around the world and meet supporters!!
I don't think leaving is the problem, she was always worried that if she did (even to see her dying husband) she wouldn't be allowed back in the country. I hope she does leave, she could do so much good with her image and eloquence on an international level to work for change in Myanmar without the risk of being imprisoned again..

I read that her youngest son is waiting for her in Thailand. She even missed seeing her children grow up while being detained. I think she has served her country and it's people admirably, and she deserves to be with her family and loved ones after all of these years of being locked up in that house alone.. I hope she allows herself that pleasure.
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