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You can see that positively (or naively) like the result of the "pressure" of democratic and developed countries, or with a pessimist (more close to reality to me) view like a case of : "we don't think she can treat us anymore and if you guys want her to be free so badly, ok, then we free her". The military just won the election, and seems to still be able to do almost all they want to prevent some real opposition. So, is there a real effective "pressure" from us/international scene ? I think no. Can it be more effective. Of course yes. But it's sad, no government feel the need to invest time and money for Burma. Guess they have national problems to care about first. ANd who will blame them for that. I guess it's just one more case that make them/us sad for a minute or two when we read the newspaper or see the news, but that don't stop us from living our daily lives or sleep well.

Of course I am happy for her. It's a good thing. Now we should not forget that the other around 2000 (said by most journalists) political prisoners in Burma/Myanmar are also waiting to be free also. The last election was not fair and the military dictature is just as strong if not stronger. One fine lady and some good minded people are not good enough. The few minds really worrying and trying to make it change are too few I guess. Very sad to say, but I am just happy I don't have to live or feel the need to live in Burma.

Still one heavy case here. But we can be happy for her at least, yeah.
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