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Im still listening to the album a lot... mostly cos I bought it on vinyl, then I bought a record player but I got like 3 records only, so MFFF gets played a lot, has little competition

I loved the album since day one, and still love it now, even a little bit more... after the live shows Im totally addicted to Long Long Way, could listen to it on a loop, just this song, all day every day

The one song that has finally clicked is It Takes a Lot, still not a 10 for me cos some of the lyrics are too banal, but almost there... same for Change You, still a bit too Delicate-esque and some lyrics are cheesy (the manger part) but the rest of lyrics are great (I can wait without waiting)

I also watch a lot of youtubes together with the album versions. What Im a bit tired of is listening to the bootlegs, not doing it much anymore, prefer the youtube videos...
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