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I myself did pretty lot in writing, art and design with a huge passion for music and friends in these fields, I have also got knowing really heaps of artists, designers, writers, musicians of the late as well as the alive, everything all comes down to what one really thinks and does accordingly, all these forms of self expression are no more than just media through which one's thoughts are realised and the communication with the external is done. It is about one's bigger inner world of being who they really are.

To do what Damien does, completely being honest, genuine and true to himself, really very few people can achieve, let alone his talent in translating all his thoughts, emotions along with many other things into subtle music consistently and with extremely indentifiable personal identity and the more beyond that which i eventually figured out is humanity.

people always say we should not judge others based on their physical appearances and their wearing, that is a very naive view, everything about us either visible or invisible frankly speaks who we really but it does need skills and experiences to develop a better understanding which should be not a problem if art and similar kinds have accompanied you through your past lives. Because of this, with every move Damien has made as well as many other things about him, he is truly a remarkable human being.

I myself definitely do not worship him but admiration to him is for sure. If we had some more human beings like him in other so called creative fields, the world would be way much better.
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