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Originally Posted by Ranting Thespian
ummm . . . . fill me in, please
oh right yeah, you can't see - hope i can sum up what we see in the pictures

you see, there's this pink/purple patchwork shirt/jacket that damien seems really attached to; he wears it A LOT, and some people around here finds it really ugly which you probably could say it is cause it's not exactly IN FASHION (meaning it would be something my mum could probably wear) it has a very HIPPIE look, which a lot of us on the other hand, really appreciate

oh yeah and then susana (solelily) met damien in a bar after a gig when they were both attending this gig, and there are some really cuddly pictures of them and a pic where they are talking, no big deal really *not jealous AT ALL* oh and damien was wearing the (in)famous jacket/shirt at that occasion.

hope that covers it!
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