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Originally Posted by The Weatherman
I'd just like to point out that Mario may not have known that both these titles are spelt differently what with him being from the U.S. and everything. I don't believe it was "amazingly ignorant" what he did and i hardly think he was being smart. I'd say he was merely correcting what he presumed were outrageous mispellings.
Outrageous mispellings? In a world filled with text-speak and abbreviations, I would NOT consider them to be "outrageous" mispellings!

And what if I was dyslexic? Don't you think I'd just be purely insulted by someone reminding me that I was dyslexic by correcting my spellings?

This leads me to my main point - he didn't have to correct the spellings. It wasn't any of his business that I had mispelt some words. Do you really think he felt the need to correct the spellings of some stranger?

He wasn't even interested in what I was asking!

He replied, choosing to blatantly ignore what I was saying in my post, and this he did by changing the subject completely to something totally different and insignificant.

By totally changing the subject, he was being ignorant & disrespectful towards me.

By totally ignoring the point of my post, and instead making a point of insignificant mistakes I had made, he was being insulting.

He wasn't correcting my spelling. He was being insulting, pure & simple.Edited by: eskimo_friendly
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