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First of all, it was me who started this topic. I didn't change the subject, someone else did, and I found it very insulting, because they were totally ignoring me and then, needlessly, telling me I was wrong, which I found very ignorant.

Weatherman, what "will be all", exactly?

And finally, I am allowed defend myself against someone I found rude and disrespectful towards what I was trying to say & ask, and so I did.

How many people spell things incorrectly on these boards in order to abbreviate, or just out of pure carelessness, and don't have someone correcting them??? A countless amount. So for him to single me out and ignore me at the same time was quite insulting. Does he go around correcting EVERYONE'S spelling mistakes? I doubt it.

Unless anyone wants an argument, I'm not getting into one.

Oh, and "Ridiculous topic"? Thanx, Aisling.

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