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Originally Posted by RonjaGirl
Thanks for the mp3s. I'm excited to listen to them.
It would be great if anyone could translate the sounds really interessting.

Well, okay. I tried my best....


"I don't listen to music. I never listen to the radio and I don't buy any records. I believe I have 10 albums
somewhere in my house. I get inspired by the things that happen to me."

Strongest Part:

"I make music like I'd puke: when it comes, it comes. Then I'll write a song within 20 minutes. It's a
process I don't control. It just happens and doesn't claim credits for my songs [literally translated :S]."

Weakest Part:

"It would be good if I could continually bring music in an honest way. That I play in the mood in which
I am at that moment. I'm becoming better at it. I don't make a setlist, and I try to be as honest as possible
on stage."


"I want more time for myself. When I started making music I was a real control freak. I wanted to do everything
by myself. Now I have a manager, but I'm really a DIY hippy. That's why I released "O" in my own management /
without any record label behind it. I never expected it to be such a success. I liked the record myself, and
I hoped a few others would like it too."

"Also, I want my next album to be released in a ecological package, after all I'm still a hippy..."
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