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was reading online that even attending the ceremony is kinda expensive:

>> Prize idiots <<
Mercury nomination - not all great

One of this year's Mercury Prize nominated
acts gave us an insight into the award night.

"It's not cheap being nominated for the
Mercury Prize. 300 a head to just attend.
And not including booze. The whole 'not
for profit' line they spout starts to
look a bit hollow, particularly when you
pay 200 just to even enter your record
in the first place.

"We ended up smuggling in booze, and getting
tap water from the toilets. The food,
predictably, was g-rim. Oh yes, and we stopped
counting tables at 75. Must have been nearly
100, each seating 12 suckers like us. At
300 a head someone, somewhere off-camera
walked away with a cheque significantly
higher than the 20,000 prize.

"A classic music industry con trick...?"

Want the real Mercury results? Who do the artists
think would win in a fight between a baboon and
a badger?
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