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Default environment album coming in April?

Damo has been talking about making an album about there environment/nature for years and years... I believe at least since 2007 and he even mentioned back then that What This Night is For/Eve and the Day was gonna be on it...

Looks like that when they were recording with Joel in Iceland over Xmas, that was for the environment album and that it's coming in April

he explains the genesis of the album in here:

in the same clip he also confirms Stone is gonna be on it

another song we know it's on it it's No Moon, which he posted on IG (a bit of it) around Xmas too

think Mustard Seeds could be on it too

but the rest should be collabs with others that he's done thru the years and that we've never heard before. Actually looks like Stone is a cowrite with the whole old band, Lisa, Vyv, Shane and Tomo.

cannot wait to see if it really happens
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