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Default "Once" soundtrack chords/tabs?

I just bought the "once" soundtrack last week, and I haven't listened to anything else since. It's beautiful; if you're a fan of Damien and/or Lisa, you'll definitely enjoy it. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, Wikipedia "once"; its a movie starring Glen Hansard from the Frames, I believe Damien helped write some of the songs for the movie).

Now that I have the songs and love them, I really want the tabs/ chords for them, especially "Say it to me now", "Once", "when your mind's made up", "Leave", "Lies", "All the Way down", and "gold". I found the chords for "falling slowly", and I just created my own picking pattern.

Has anyone else been able to find tabs for songs from the soundtrack? I've found some for "say it to me now", but they don't sound right or match up with the youtube videos I've found of Glen playing the song.

If anyone can figure out tabs for the songs (especially say it to me now), I'd be forever grateful and try to make it up to them in some way.

Thanks, Bobby
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