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Originally Posted by Ranting Thespian
Use "Grow Old Along With Me" - John Lennon. John wrote that song in 1979 in reply to hearing Yoko's Let Me Count the Ways (another great song to chose too, really). He invisioned it as a traditional song you would play at weddings:

Grow old along with me
The best is yet to be
When our time has come
We will be as one
God bless our love
God bless our love

John never finished recording it, and there are 2 versions of it released. One is just the demo him and Yoko made with a piano and a little cymbol thing that appears on the Milk and Honey album. It was the last of the tapes to survive the raping of John's music right after his death. The other vesion is on the Lennon Anthology box set. It's the same demo tape, but now well produced . . . by GEORGE MARTIN! It has beautiful strings on it, bass, and more, which is what john intended for the song. IM me on aim or msn and I can play it for you. It's just beautiful.

*And Blower's Daughter is about his clarinet teacher's daughter. Also, you can tell it's not a happy ending at all when you read the lyrics to the Blower's Daughter Pt 2.
Blower's Daughter Pt2?? Tell me more

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

I think we will have to take our second choice which is "First time ever I saw your face" by the Stereophonics
Again a beautiful song but for me just hasn't got the edge that TBD has. But the lyrics are self explanatory!
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