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Originally Posted by borneoman View Post
^ I think the general vibe in Dogs, the rhythm of the song is kinda happy... and the lyrics are happy except the last part, I also think the 'no need for me' line means she stays with the 'wolf that keeps her warm' and doesn't need him... but I'm always confused about how many people are in the song, 3? 4?
I always thought it was 3. that was just my take. although in the beginning he says "she lives with an orange tree AND the girl that does yoga.." and then the second verse mentions "little brother"... I don't think those two people are necessarily "characters" in the song. you know?
Also-- I've been listening to "What This Night is For" and he has something similiar going in it, "she, we, I, he, we..." (I'm not sure totally sure about it either...)

Originally Posted by verenita View Post
yes, i know now... that makes a totally new sense to me...
forget about all that s**t that i said
It's alright Verenita! I hope it didn't ruin the song for you!
"That's the nightmare I've been running from..."
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