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Default Wood Water Wind Tour - Summer 2018

Hey guys, Damien played his first gig on the Wood Water Wind boat tour tonight, in Sicily.

This is the setlist.

Damien Rice, Zafferana Etnea
1- Delicate
2- Amie
3- Cannonball
4- I Don't Want To Change You
5- Your Astronaut (NEW SONG - on piano)
6- My Favourite Faded Fantasy
7- Volcano (with audience; last part on piano) >
8- Accidental Babies (on piano)
9- Elephant
10- Eskimo
11- The Professor & La Fille Danse
12- Mi Votu e Mi Rivotu (by Fabrizio Cammarata - Rosa Balistreri cover)
13 The Blower's Daughter
14- Cheers' Darling
15- Rootless Tree (on piano)
16- Gyda song (with Damien and Mariam)
17- Mariam song (with Damien and Gyda)
18- 9 Crimes (on piano, with Mariam)

Marti was there (he was the one who sent me the setlist) so I think he will post a comment in the next few days.

I opened a thread about the new song (I could be your astronaut) here:
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