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2nd date at Caserta

01: The Professor
02: The Greatest Bastard
03: Delicate
04: The Box
05: Your Astronaut
06: Woman Like A Man
07: Amie
08: Era De Maggio -(Maximo/Blindur)
09: Cold Water (with Greta)
10: Volcano (with Greta)
11: Cannonball
12: Elephant

13: 9 Crimes
14: Goodmoon Child (Gyda song)
15: Bodylife (Mariam Song)
16: I Remember (with Greta)

Damo did:
Volcano with Blindur
Black is the Colour
Trusty And True
The Blowers Daughter
I made you laugh, I made you cry, I made you open up your eyes, didn't I?
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