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Default Budapest, 29 September 2018

Hi everyone,
just back home from this great city trip !
Thank you Damien for making me travel a bit.
Thanks a lot to Daniela and Chrysler for spending a lot of time together,
sightseeing this great city and eating by Jamie's italian.
For me it was a great show, sadly certainly the last of this year...
I think half of the audience were foreigners.

Here's the setlist:
Trusty and True (with the audience)
Amie (with a nice end)
9 Crimes
It Takes a Lot To Know a Man (the return)
"new song"
100 Miles Across the Room
Accidental Babies
Older Chests
The Greatest Bastard
The Blowers Daughter (asked by an Australian)
The Professor
Rootless Tree
Cannonbal (without light and mike)
Outside after a little chat when he came out,
he took his guitar and played;
The Box (in the dark)

And just before he left i could get a big HUG !
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