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great review eskimo_prague! it's almost as re-living it all again

and he did the drunk song thing with Cheers Darlin' hehe, after that he thanked everyone and went backstage.

The tv session today was pretty cool. My memory is the worst but I think this was the setlist (definitely not in order)
Blower's Daughter
Older Chests
The Professor
Lonely Soldier
The Blower's Daughter

maybe I'm missing a song, I can't remember. I can't wait to watch it on tv.

Originally Posted by verenita View Post

thanks lillian, specially for the pictures. i didnīt read the set list. i want to be taken by surprise (me and my particular way of thinking some things... anyway), whether there will be or not, lol.

look at that smile, OMG!
I should have put the setlist in smaller font hehe, sorry if I ruined the surprise for anyone!

And that's my favorite picture
I got a really nice smile for the pic, I just can't stop watching lol

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