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Thanks for answering my questions I imagine it must have been a complete mess during "Cheers Darlin'" hehe, actually the security people didn't seem to know what to do. When I left, a bunch of people left too and they didn't even ask for our food and beverage ticket like they announced they would, they were probably taken by surprise.

I hope it surfaces on YouTube or something. Did you get to shake Damien's hand? I saw a bunch of people who did.

I made the trip from Guadalajara, and you are absolutely right, the tickets were extremely expensive. When I saw there'd be a second date I really wanted to get tickets and maybe get front row this time (they sold a bit slower so it might have been more possible), but it was just too much.

I agree with you, if I had to choose between day 1 and day 2, I'd choose day 1, much more special. I'm still curious about the setlist for tonight though, do you know anyone who's going?

30 people? Wow! Talk about intimate! Did he speak at all to the audience or did he just do the songs? Was it a long wait or did it start at the scheduled time?

I was hoping it would air much sooner, but I guess we'll have to wait.

Thanks again for your replies!

Oh, your pictures are great by the way!

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