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Post New LP "Land Of Giants"

Since I got a bit pissed about the online-release taking so long and delaying all the things I want to do now, I just uploaded my new record "Land Of Giants" to SoundCloud and announced the release on the new website (click banner!):

Tracks: 1. Down At The Bank, 2. Oh, Comrade!, 3. Land Of Giants, 4. In The Shade, 5. Wild Lion Tamed, 6. Change Of Heart, 7. Morning Swarm, 8. Combat & Lies, 9. Foamy Gasolina, 10. The Kids Are Alright.

For the first time I had a decent mic to record some new songs. "Land Of Giants" has 10 songs on it. When I started writing/concepting it, I wanted to make an album that's a bit more open than what I did so far, meaning subjects and music. And I guess I succeeded.

Most songs are describing the world outside as I got to know it in my 26something years, yet there's also one or so of these lovely crooning singer/songwriter ballads on it.

Also for the first time I used a small choice of instruments. The harp has become pretty dominant recently and I love to do the Dylan on stage. Also there's piano, organ, bass and some toys. Still it's very much driven by the acoustic guitar.

And I made a pdf-songbook and a wallpaper.

Summer's approaching. So I'll pack my bag, take my guitar and the harps to go out hunting giants. Not today, but very soon.

I hope you like the record!
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