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Totally mind-altering...We were in the First Mez. Left-Center. The guys yelling for Lisa were embarassing.

I'm sorry that I didn't join this site sooner so I could have met some of you before the show. Also sorry I didn't wait around to meet him and the rest of the band, but my wife and I had just flown in on a red-eye the night before from Cali (honeymoon) and she was exhausted.
I thought that Rootless Tree was actually better the way he played it than on the studio version. I've heard people say it lacked emotion, but to me it seemed to be a greater level of emotion-the kind of somberness that typically sets in post anger.
I agree that the show was lacking the female vocals. D did a great job of playing it off on his own, but the songs lacked the rounds that they used to sing. I had no idea about the split until I got home and joined this site.
Actually thought D was going to come into the Mez when he started up the steps.
For my first D show, and my first show at RCMH, it will be hard for me to see Roger Waters this summer at Darien Lake (a show I was actually really looking forward to). This was the most amazing performance I have ever seen. I will absolutely be there again this fall!
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