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Thanks, good people!

I think those lyrics are all correct with two exceptions: First, I hear "So leave me cold" instead of "Don't leave me cold". Secondly, the line 'Is something to say' actually makes perfect sense if instead of with a question mark it ends with a period. Just as in the examples in the next stanzas ("This is not yours to hold" and "Then bring out the nun") it is not a continuation of the question in the line before it but rather a rebellious retort. Throughout the song he's both asking why they shouldn't be able to communicate what they really feel and challenging the notion that such emotions should make someone feel as guilty as if they've committed a sin and therefore need to beg forgiveness.

I like this one a lot and was amazed at just how massive the trademark Damo build-up was this time.

I'm apparently also the only one who loves it when Damo goes to the bottom of his register just as much as when he's at the top. There's something deeply primal and haunting which comes with that huskiness. They used to refer to only a select few Hollywood stars in the old days as possessing the necessary quality of "sex-threat" to play certain roles. I guess I'd describe it in him as the savage side of the wounded beast.
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