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Originally Posted by Spamlet
I guess that's still not common knowledge for the newer/casual fans: "Elephant" is the sequel to "Blower's Daughter". In fact, Damo had always called it "The Blower's Daughter pt.2" when he played it live.
You took the words right out of my mouth! I was going to say that
Damo inserts Blower's Daughter into Pt. 2 live, and inserts "Creep" into Blower's Daughter live. Both little seques sound awesome.

I have to say that while I still love "9 Crimes" and "Accidental Babies" I am really, really liking "Rootless Tree." Maybe because of the raw emotion he sings with when he's singing it live.

and I agree, "Animals" is beautiful. Simple and beautiful.
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