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Well it's not that simple to put up a new design... Firstly, we are limited in how many we can put up... secondly, each one has to be done to certain specifications in order to actually work for production.

I like the design you have there, but we couldn't put it up... well, we could put it up as a digital transfer, but that would fade after just a few washes. The flock and flex printing are actually shaped cut out of material and stuck on. These last as long as the shirt, but mean you can only deal in solid colours. You also have to have a certain line thickness... and every colour adds more cost (limited to max of 3 colours).

So the thin lines and fading on your design make it unworkable I'm afraid.

Because of the amount of work required to make a design work, and the fact that we charge no commission on anything, mean that we won't ever have a huge number of designs. We just don't sell enough shirts to justify it, sorry.

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