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Originally Posted by Wheels View Post
Well it's not that simple to put up a new design... Firstly, we are limited in how many we can put up... secondly, each one has to be done to certain specifications in order to actually work for production.

I like the design you have there, but we couldn't put it up... well, we could put it up as a digital transfer, but that would fade after just a few washes. The flock and flex printing are actually shaped cut out of material and stuck on. These last as long as the shirt, but mean you can only deal in solid colours. You also have to have a certain line thickness... and every colour adds more cost (limited to max of 3 colours).

So the thin lines and fading on your design make it unworkable I'm afraid.

Because of the amount of work required to make a design work, and the fact that we charge no commission on anything, mean that we won't ever have a huge number of designs. We just don't sell enough shirts to justify it, sorry.
Hey there Wheels (and Administrator if you're reading this),

I know this post is pretty old, but I found it in a kind of roundabout means.

I am not sure how seriously you've been taking getting the shop put together in terms of adding more products or concepts, or how seriously you take it as an economical factor in things. I was just browsing around your forums and webspaces and viewing some of the work posted about and thought perhaps I would offer my talent if you need it for now or for any future endeavors. The music this page represents has had a huge impact on my life as I feel it has had on you two, so if I can help it stay afloat in any way through my own contribution I'd like to do so.

I am not familiar with the term "flock and flex" but it appears to be the same thing a silkscreen printing based on its description. The 3 color constriction can be a hurdle but at the same time it can be a creative benefit if the designer keeps the additional cost per color into factor when designing, and most importantly uses smart color decisions to create a specific emotion within a limited range of hues. As you said, that method is difficult for anything large quantity or commercial but for personal smaller endeavors it not only is of the highest structural quality but of the most intimate, personal, and handmade feel.

Based on the number of views this website receives, I would assume that the operational costs are quite high (I had seen something along the lines of 50k views per day somewhere? wow!) and would understand if it is not fiscally tangible for a fansite to pay a designer for something that may not sell.. Though if you are at all interested, feel free to contact me at . We may be able to work something out that /could/ be fiscally beneficial for you and/or this site.

Thanks for Your time!

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