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Originally Posted by Mahesh View Post
Hi there fellas,

I'm a twenty two year old songwriter and musician and an absolute fan of Damien Rice. My journey with Rice is still young since I discovered 'O' only last year. But I connect with every single song that he's put out till now. Was so excited to hear that he'll be coming out with the new record but I was not sure what to expect since he'd been off the grid for a while. I absolutely love MFF and my favorites would be Trusty and True and It Takes a Lot to Be a Man (that strings section in the end is absolute madness right? I was in tears!)

Anyways, I'm looking forward to connecting with you all. Thanks for having me.
Hi Mahesh, and welcome!
It's so good to see that there are fans from all over the world!
I'm taking a flight to india tomorrow and i'm going to be there for the next 6 month... when I used to travel in South America verenita gave my great tips!
anyway I would love to get some good information from you about india!
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