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^ indeed. damien looks like a little dissapointed child who didn´t get what he wanted to me, he.

here´s the lyrics, according to a google alert i got
Et tu reviens
Reprendre ta place
Je connais ce regard
Je connais ce regard

Et tu me dis
Que tu sais tout
Que tu regrettes
Le temps sans nous

You fall on me
Like firewood
Just like you should
Just like you should

But it's too late
I'm no longer full
Just uncomfortable

It's just like me
Mais c'est trop tard
To let you down
Et c'est sans moi
To walk away
Je te regarde
To fool around
Vouloir ma main
It's just like you
Mais c'est sans moi
To cry like this
Tu l'as perdue
Into the cracks
Au moins cent fois
["Read me your favourite line": "No podía sucederme nada peor –pensaba aquel amigo–: tengo el alma delicada."]

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