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I'm still processing everything that went on last night...

I met up with so many of you Eskimos! And every single one of you guys were absolutely open-armed and amazing with your stories and your friendship! I consider all of you that I met very close friends because of what we've been through last night!

The actual show was amazing...what else can be said? But that was only a portion of what made April 4th 2015 the strangest, energized, most satisfying day of my life. I won't go in to the details of the actual show because it was documented and you can see all the greatness and live it on your own...

But you guys! I met up with Scott and gave him my extra ticket for his fiance. He could have just accepted the ticket and went on with life. But when he accepted that ticket, he accepted me and divulged me into everything that makes this igloo so warm.

Everyone I met last night was amazing. If I had just went myself like I was planning to do, I would not have sat 3 rows in front of Glen Hansard. I would not have met him and I would not have been able to tell him "thank you" which was basically all I could spout out of my dumb-founded mouth at the time...

This may not seem like a lot to some of you. But what makes this place great are stories like this which may fly under your radar. But be absolutely sure of how much you guys mean to people like me and how special of a place in my heart you hold.

Thank you all.

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