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Originally Posted by Emelie
The piano version of Rootless tree is very beautiful, if you've heard it
Not that I'm promising to tab it, I'm just interested in hearing it - do you know where I can get the piano version from?

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Originally Posted by srahman24
Well, since you asked, I'd love to see The Animals Were Gone...
That is one of my favourite songs on the album, I just find it quite sad and am not sure how much I fancy having to listen to it on loop while I tab it out, I might end up in some sort of depression. Plus it has three guitars (or two with chorus) right from the offset so that makes things a lot trickier to tab, maybe I'll just have a go at getting the main guitar part, I play along with it at the moment on the guitar but more just a bit of fun rather than anything even half accurate.

If you are stuck finding anything at all for it then the absolute shoddy basics are:

G, G, C, C->C/B, Am, Am, G, G,G/F#, Em, Em, Am, Am, B5, B5

Which you just pick in an appegio style, oh, and the B5 is definatlely wrong, heh, hmm, these are the sort of 'dodgy tabs' that I normally like to avoid, but yea it works roughly:

animals gone wrong

No need to comment on the nastyness of my toneless singing, just to give you an idea of the guitar :P.

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