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I was looking up damien rice on the mvc website and the 'o' 2002 one had this track listing
<TABLE =shw-trk width="90%" align=center border=0 cellpaddin="8">
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">1 Delicate
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">6 Amie </TD>
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">2 Volcano
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">7 Cheers Darlin' </TD>
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">3 The Blower's Daughter
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">8 Cold Water </TD>
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">4 Cannonball
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">9 I Remember </TD>
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">5 Older Cheats
<TD =shw-trk vAlign=top width="50%">

10 Eskimo </TD></TR></T></TABLE>


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Muze Inc. and Muze UK Ltd.

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-->and track 5 has a different name to all the others he's released i just wondered if its the same song with a slightly different title [img]smileys/smiley5.gif[/img]

sorry if this has been asked before but i couldnt be bothered to search the old threads
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