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1. I Remember from BBC4 Sessios, which i just reheard tonight for the first time in ages... wicked version of it, really demonic-sounding, more so than than the NRK version from this week. and the camera catches Damo's face at the end, its a real cheeky looking grin, like he knows hes just wreaked havoc on the audience for the previous 5 mins, but he doesnt give a toss!

2. Cold Water from the Tower Theatre Show, 15/04.04 i think, amazing rendition of my fave song from O. Damo is actually screaming over the top of the layered vocals at the end, and it always sends chills down my spine. hes just really into the song at that point and it shows.

3. Im gonna say the whole gig from his second gig in Vicar St this august. i cant pick any one moment really, the whole thing was amazing. Volcano sticks out in my mind though - they really rocked out to that one!
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