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Originally Posted by verenita View Post
well, i donīt mean to make a discussion about facebook and i know that it makes something easier somehow. but, to me, it give me nothing more than what e-mails or phone give me. and i think fb cause a lot of (hidden and not that much) troubles that i donīt want to struggle with. itīs fine by me if everybody around the world wants to be on facebook and every each is free (generally speaking, of course) to use. itīs just i donīt choose that way of communication, and i think itīs fine too.

but to answer your specific question. letīs say: some friends of mine tell me: "Iīd like TO SHARE some pics of -whatever- with you"; "good, send them by email"; "oh, no, no... they are on facebook already"; "u-hu, but iīm not on facebook (and you know that, he)"; "sorry, then, get an account; catch up yourself".
what? i donīt ask to see any pic and iīm surely not die if i donīt see them (even though iīd like, of course). i guess what i mean is if someone expect to change the ways of communications i choose just to adjust them to what they want or like to share something with me... that person misses the point. does it make sense to you? cause itīs hard to explain, even harder by just words, and in another language...

i donīt mean to offend anybody. so, you go and enjoy facebook
I couldn't agree more!!
but I'm more comfortable Twitter !

Well , Is there any means of contacting him?
Like Twitter or facebook.. <-- It seems he is not there...!
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