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As I was surving through the internet today I came across some old pics, I've never seen befor.

I found these from March 23, 2004 - Fox Theatre,Boulder, Colorado United States (but I'm not able to download them,maybe someone else is...)

These are from MILANO, 05 NOV 2003, RAINBOW

Here are some pics, but I don't know where they are from

Here are pics from two Damien rice gigs, as well as from Glen Hansard, BellX1, Damien Dampsey and the Frames

Ans these are from the Fair Trade gig, Vicar St, 2003. Thes pics reminded me of when Damien told that Lisa would always these toys that make everyone look funny...

...and I found this pic, which made laugh...he looks so funny ...but he looks also very cute
15/3/07: Berlin, Germany
04/7/07: Paris, France
12/10/07:Cardiff, UK

Lisa on Oct 3rd 2008!!

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