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Default Tokyo 2016 - Improv Song (or anything else, really)

I know, itīs been over two freaking years but I didn't give up.

I live on the other side of the world and somehow, though the power of luck, my 30th birthday and a really kind japanese man, I managed to attend the first Tokyo concert of Damien. Actually, it was through some miracle of life, really.
That was on June 6th, 2016.

Japanese concert attendees are incredibly polite. No cameras, no screaming (thankfully), absolutely an amazing experience. Which sort of sucked, though, because there are so few audios and so little videos. And for crying out loud, that night I got to drink wine on stage during Cheers, Darlinī and I ONLY HAVE ONE SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH OF THAT MOMENT! Itīs been over two years and i still suffer over that, hah. So in the end I hoped that the crowd wouldn't have been so polite.

And now I'm going through my phone and I just found something I believe has never been posted here. We are all used to Damien 'improving' sometimes during concerts, And he did this in Tokyo as well, where a funny little song originated, I call it "I Guess This Was Tokyo".

Does anybody have this? I'm working on uploading it right now.
Also, does anybody have ANYTHING from that evening?

Meanwhile, I leave you guys with a Reddit post with some songs from that evening:
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