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Cannonball was so incredible, it felt like we were in my living room. Very intimate. Hanging out across the street from the tour buss paid off. I got to meet the man himself. Though he didn't get into the tour bus, he squeezed himself and 4 other people into a Honda Civic ) Incredible show, as always. So happy I went.

*As a side note, I have noticed that there are a lot of people saying that the Boston crowds can be rude. I asked Damien how he liked Boston, and he said that he's well aware that when they come to Boston there will always be a few people that get...AAAHHHH! Yes, he actually screamed. He said that he didn't mind though. Another person asked Damien what he should do if the jackass behind him won't shut up during a show and Damien replied: "Go to a different city"

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