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Delighted as we were to hear that Speech Debelle won the Mercury Music Prize last night, the results that we’ve been waiting for have finally come in. The front-runners tell us about their favourite pastas, their favourite ABBA songs and weigh in on the on-going Badger Vs Baboon debate…
1. Favourite pasta: Penne
2. Favourite ABBA song: What’s the one that Madonna sampled? (Gimme Gimme Gimme)
3. What would you call a cat? Mr Crowler
4. Favourite swear word: Twat
5. Badger vs Baboon: Baboon would probably go in strong but badgers are quite shifty and they’re bigger than you think. I ran one over once and it was massive.
Friendly Fires:
1. Favourite pasta: Taglietelli
2. Favourite ABBA song: I quite like the winner takes it all. Waterloo’s good. Gets the crowd going.
3. What would you call a cat? Pretty normal name like Dennis.
4. Favourite swear word: C word. Or, yeah, **** nugget.
5. Badger vs Baboon: Baboon, they’re vicious.
Speech DeBelle:
1. Favourite pasta: Maccaroni pasta ‘cos I can make maccaroni cheese.
2. Favourite ABBA song: Can I pass on ABBA?
3. What would you call a cat? Puss.
4. Favourite swear word: Can I say it? I can’t. Suckyamudda.
5. Badger vs Baboon: A baboon! That’s got a right hook on it man.

Bat For Lashes:
1. Favourite pasta: Spaghetti
2. Favourite ABBA song: The Winner Takes It All
3. What would you call a cat? Miracle
4. Favourite swear word: Cock
5. Badger vs Baboon: I’m hoping the badger because it’s British and it should. Woodland creatures rule over a baboon, definitely.

Tom and Josh from the Horrors:

1. Favourite pasta: Linguini
2. Favourite ABBA song: Claus (that’s what one of my cats are called) He’s named after the drummer from Neu
3. What would you call a cat? The one that Madonna sampled. Or Lay All Your Love On Me.
4. Favourite swear word: ****. Definitely.
5. Badger vs Baboon: Badgers! They’re fierce!
Lisa Hannigan:
1. Favourite pasta: Pasta made by Tommo (her bandmate)
2. Favourite ABBA song: Gimme Gimme Gimme.
3. What would you call a cat? I have a cat called Stevens – Cat Stevens!
4. Favourite swear word: Being Irish it would have to be “****!” I think.
5. Badger vs Baboon: Badger. Don’t **** with a badger.
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