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Originally Posted by Martine
I missed some magic, some 'pureness' (don't know the word), some intensity, honesty, the things were I felt in love for. The love is still alive, but I don't wanna hear and see him live for a while.
I wanna say, Damien, take a bit of rest, come back to yourself, go do sometimes else for a while and then come back. Sometimes love is only strong when you can't feel it very often.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great night, but he's too big right now. The venue wasn't a venue for him. You could put candles on the podium (which he did), but they couldn't 'rescue' it, the lights took it over.
That's EXACTLY how I felt after I had seen him in March - am seeing him tonight but my expectations aren't as high as they were then so maybe I won't be as disoppointed
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