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He played What this night is for (or whatever the title is exactly) indeed... That was the only new song, but for me a nice surprise, because it was the first time I heard it live.

I think it must have been the venue with the chairs that made the this evening NOT to a magic evening... a friend of mine was sitting on the third row right in front of Damien and loved it... I was sitting 2 rows behind her, but at the side (in front of the speakers... painfull for my ears!) and for me it was not wonderfull, it was just nice. No magic indeed... we thought Damien was having a cold, he played Cheers Darlin' with a tape (not with the band) and not totally drunk and without the whole story. He didn't speak a lot and if he did the stories didn't really end... like with the puddle and especially with the willy. I think it was meant to be funny, but nobody laughed or reacted and my neighbour didn't even understand what his saying was about. And then he just played Me, My Yoke and I without really ending his story, or at least... that was how it felt for me.

I dind't even like Cannonball so much, playing it unplugged in the way-too-big HMH (normally 5600 people standing, now 3500 sitting). I missed looking into his blue blue eyes (like I could in Tilburg and Brussels), I missed the magic, now it felt more like Damien tried to win the us for him, but that he couldn't.

At the end, before the last two songs, everybody stood up and walked to the front (sadly enough my neighbours didn't want to go in the beginning so we ended up 2 rows in front of ours, but still it was way much better because of the atmosphere). And then Damien said: Now, this is a concert. Let's do the whole concert all over again (or something like that)... And then finally there was the magic, the magic of contact between him and the crowd, of people standing together as one group enjoying his show. Sadly enough Cheers Darlin' with tape.

I hope that he won't forget what he said about the concert in the end.. so that he'll never say yes anymore to playing in a seated HMH...

And Brussels was way way way much better. And even Tilburg, where he seemed sad and angry and didn't want to talk, was better. The strange thing... in Brussels I was sitting as well, but on the second row (comparing to HMH it was still before the first row in HMH), the atmosphere was better there...

Oh, but something positive... I loved Accidental babies as well... love that outtro too! And the I shot my baby-part (which song??) was really funny, Vyv was laughing about it as well...

And Vyv played a song from her EP I guess (I bought the EP last time, but don't know the songs word by word...) with parts of rap in between the pop music parts.
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