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I started to think it was me, not enjoying it to the fullest yesterdaynight. Being overly critical. But it is good to hear that we share the same experiences. Saterdaynight at the Frames (where the chatter didn't really bother me) at the first notes I thought: ,,Wow, Glens voice is brilliant tonight.'' I had the total opposite experience with Damien. His voice - because of a cold or the bizarre tourschedule- just lacked strength and he couldn't reach certain notes. Too bad for him and for us! Was not missing Lisa's voice, but Damien's last night.

I felt he was doing his very best, but when he said the audience was well behaved, I thought: the audience feels dead. Turns out you have different kinds of quiet. In 013 it was quiet because of the music, yesterday it was because of the situation. In between songs everybody was really enthusiastic, but even the clapping seemed to vanish in the big black box. I never want to sit again in the HMH. Was sitting next to Snoops, and my ears are hurting today. Boo! Esp. Joel was too loud!

Loved the song I never heard befor. That touched me. And the Bang Bang was brilliant too. Loved the musical parts -luckily the instrument didn't get a cold as well. But the setlist was a bit standard. And found it strange that the band was sitting in the dark so much. Being up front I never really noticed it the two times befor, but I found it strange that when everyone is doing their thing you only have the lights on Damien. Further: I think that the candles were candles working on batteries. And Cheers Darlin without band? That's just plain weird! So somehow there was some fakeness going on as well!

Vyv lost her voice a bit on a song that's not on the EP. Lovely song though!

The ending was just like a concert should be. Standing close to eachother, feeling connected to the crowd and the artists at stage. But it made me realize even more, what I had missed befor. Blowers daughter turned out to be my favourite of the night.

Looking forward to seeing him at Lowlands though. Its good to have a revanche! I just wonder wether he isn't selling out? Have never been to a concert befor this year, but thought that Damien was of the controlling kind. How can he then end up in the HMH with chairs? How can he ask 45 euro's for a seat that is close to the wall in such a big venue. My neck -sitting on row 4 - seat 17- already hurted, but sitting on number 1 must have been such a let down!

All in all it was an ok concert. Its still Damien. His songs are still beautiful... But I am so happy that I did see the Brussels show which was for me way better than last night...and way better than 013.

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