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Originally Posted by SnoopS
On another message board we are already discussing if he was singing live during Cheers Darlin'...
Yeah, it was live, there was a mic at the front of the stage, but it was placed very low. At some points you could hear the crowd laughing through the mic.

And it did feel a bit like he was selling out - we already paid 42 for a ticket and then the merchandise was way overpriced as well. I think 30 euro for a simple t-shirt is just way too much. It was already expensive back in Hamburg, but if I remember correctly at least 5 euro cheaper then in Amsterdam. I might be wrong there though. Still, it's too much.

And you're so right about the voices 4duckie, I was blown away by Glen from the start, whereas Damien's voice needed to warm up for... well, half a concert really. I did feel like his voice was getting better during the gig.

Btw, Snoops, I was on row 17 and people did react to the stories he told, there was quite some laughing. Maybe you didn't hear it cause you were close to the stage (and because the HMH is just too friggin big), I don't know.
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