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Great, great show! Obnoxious audience. I can't for the life of me understand why people enjoy squealing, shouting, and shrieking in the middle of quiet, nuanced songs?! Damien has been on fire these past 4 shows! LOVED Accidental Babies (I mentioned it at the Austin aftershow when others were suggesting songs). He began singing The Box a second time, realized his mistake, then switched to Elephant. Oh, and when he was looping during 9 crimes, he looped in some of the audience cheering. Then he said something like "See, I got you on there" BUT, it was still recording the loop (sorry, I have no clue what the technical terminology is). So in the loop for the song, you hear him say "See I got you on there" over and over again- that was pretty funny! And he did a funny Eminem/Lose Yourself impression!

Spoke with his manager- he's NOT opening for Glen, and said the two dates in Nov. will be in the South "where it's warm."

Also, he may be doing Australia and Asia in the spring (which would make my daughter a VERY happy girl)!

Came out to greet fans. There was a touching moment when he interacted with and hugged a severely disabled woman, and she tried putting her arms around him. He was asked to sing some songs and he said no because he was tired. But after he chatted with fans a bit, this guy bugged him to do Cheers Darlin (even though he requested it in Austin and Damien obliged). So Damien said he'll do only 1 song across the street at a park. He did Cheers Darlin' for about 30+ people. The same person tried pressing him to play more, and that really bothered was very gracious of Damien to give us even more of his time, and his wishes should be respected!

Gotta get some sleep now since we're flying home later this morning. It's been a ridiculously fun week: 4 shows in 5 days...the first of which was Red Rocks! I guess I got a taste of what it's like to be Marti and/or Stefan!

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