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Originally Posted by borneoman
Thanks Sister!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn;t know he had played it before, I thought the Vicar Aug 06 was the first time...

Looks like he's changed the first part a lot!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure he;s singing 'I was lost in a river/now i come to a DAM', I don't hear it that well in the mp3 but I heard it well at the gig. and kind amakes sense...

I guess it's clear Lisa forgot her part and jumped straight to the end of the verse. She missed this part you got which is really really beautiful:

I hope in your dreams
That he loves your eyes
Like I did
Just for awhile

Hope those lyrics are still in the song!!!
you're welcome! he opened the show with this in wisconsin and it was much more upbeat than at the orpheum as i recall. i mean.. a kazoo bridge? when has he ever done that besides childish? it sounded really good with the song too

i really like that verse you mentioned, and the first one about touching the sky.. in fact i prefer the earlier version of the lyrics. i didn't get the sand metaphor out of it at all before (and how can you tell if he's singing prince or prints spamlet?) but i like the idea of keeping all the verses and structuring it by day/night

as if it matters what we think
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