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Little review/summary of the Cork show
I truly enjoyed the show and surpassed all my expectations, which tbh were kinda low, since this was a one-off festival and usually Damo plays it kinda safe.
The show started with Damien calling out some people that were arriving late and during Volcano he also told people to stop clapping, so I thought we were in for bad mood Damo, but it quickly turned into the opposite, super good mood Damo, super chatty and nice and telling many new strories.
The place was kinda small and we were in the front row so the show felt super intimate to me, like if Damo was playing in my living room. He was also singing very softly so it was perfect, it was like watching your best friend play you some tunes at home.
After Delicate and Volcano he did a long chat about Older Chests. How he did the first demo at his parents house and didn’t have money for a mic stand so he had a cheap microphone and placed it inside his shoe for recording. And that later he bought better equipment but no matter what, it was never impossible to beat the demo.
then before MFFF he also talked about how this was recorded in Malibu with Rick Rubin, he explained how Rubin has this wide music taste and the day he left, Eminem was arriving. And how Rubin gave Damo simple tasks, like work on 1 line in a song for 24 hours, and that worked. And that one night he was in the studio playing and this song came along, just out of the blue. IUt was a very good rendition of the song, he did it perfect.
Then he talked about the Environment project, saying it was coming, joking it was coming in 10 years time… and he explained about the new song that it was written by Damo and Amy Kuney back in 2009, and he recorded it last winte3r but it didn’t turn out well, so he was about to drop it, but then they give it a last chance and called Jmfr and she came in, and they recorded in a matter of hours and everything was perfect. And it’s an amazing song. Total goosebumps moment.
Then he asked for request and Insane was the first one he heard. And was amazing, he did it absolutely perfect. After that he did Accidental babies on piano and then before The Professor he gave another long story, about how songs just happen sometimes without searching. Then he told the sotry how we all men have 2 personalities kinda, the one full of sperm and the one with less. And he told the ususal story about wabnking to be sure if you like someone.
Then Astronaut followed, which surprisingly was on the harmonium for the first time. Not as good as on piano but great he tried something new. He also told the usual story about the song being about friendship not a lovesong.
Then he invited Greta on stage. He said Greta didn’t have tix for Feist and had kinda invited herself to the festival. They did 9 crimes and Cold water. Those were ok, think I would have preferred solo versions. Then the two final songs were with the choir. Also just ok for me, same as before. Not as good as the Berlin/People choir.
Then we waited a bit in the freezing cold and after a while Damo came up briefly but surprisingly and without no one asking he said he was gonna do one song and did The blowers daughter. Great ending of a great evening.
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