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I'm told you can buy credit-card credit (like mobile credit) in some places... try the post office? So you pay upfront and get a number that will work as a credit card... I'm not certain.

This is what they people who do the shop say, I'm not sure what Bibit is:

At the moment, payment can be made, dependent on the country, by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diner) regional debit cards or pre-payment.

</B>Production of the order will start as soon as your credit card payment has been authorised. Pre-paid orders are processed by our payment service Bibit, which is directly connected to Spreadshirt.</B></B>

Please make sure to clearly note the payment date, so that we can process your order as paid and start production. Please note that we do not start production before payments have been processed, and that processing can take between 2-4 work days

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